Akanea CUSTOMS Classification

Akanea CUSTOMS Classification integrates French and international regulations that are updated daily: list of sections, chapters and sub-chapters, classifications tree structure, referrals, measures, links to regulatory texts. Available in stand-alone mode or "connected" to the Akanea CUSTOMS Classification is available for all users.

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With Akanea CUSTOMS Classification software

Improve the reliability of your tariff classifications with the Harmonised System Explanatory Notes (HSEN) and Classification Opinions (CO) options

  • Consultation and direct access of to HSENs and COs related to sections, chapters and sub-chapters
  • History since 2002
  • Search by keyword

Save time by choosing a reliable and efficient solution

  • Classify your goods is faster and simplier with our HS code tariff
  • Price simulations of your customs settlement calculation…
  • Daily update of tariff headings and associated measures; Consultation available even in the event of RITA unavailability
  • Management of favorite tariff headings

Akanea DOUANE CUSTOMS Classification, your expert software for the management of your customs procedures.




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