Accounting and financial management software

Sage 30 and Sage 100 i7 Generation accounting, accounting and financial management solutions to help you fulfil your legal requirements and manage the financial stability of your company.

You have to constantly adapt to the changing legal and economic context, while driving your business as safely and simply as possible.

Sage 30 and Sage 100 i7 Generation accounting supports you every day in your accounting management (general, auxiliary, analytical and budget, etc.), as well as in the management of your cash and fixed assets, and helps you collect your receivables and steer your company (activity and profitability monitoring).

All AKANEA business solutions directly manage the transfer of accounting entries into Sage i7 accounting. This simplified process saves time and improves security for your the follow-up of your activity’s accounting.

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Solutions for greater efficiency

Get a solution that complies with the latest legal measures

  • SEPA since 1 August 2014
  • Archiving of accounting data by the Directorate-General for Taxation since 1 January 2014 (accounting compliance)

Get tools to better manage your daily activities: improve productivity and reliability

  • Recovery of bank information and automation of reconciliation
  • Management of cash and receivables
  • Expense report management

Get tools to easily monitor your activity from any location

  • Creation of monitoring tables in Excel®
  • Secure consultation through a simple internet connection


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