Mobility Apps especially designed for road haulage professionnals

Enjoy easier mobile communication in real time between your operators and your drivers: you save time and ensure customised commercial follow-up for your customers!

From a smartphone or a touch pad connected to the internet, Akanea TMS Mobility enables drivers (own resources or chartered resources) to access contact information on delivery customers, view road routes, consult transfer orders, enter operations events (loaded, shipped, etc.), photograph receipts endorsed by customers and damaged packages and associate these photos with the order concerned. Drivers in the field have access to the missions assigned by operators, and operators in turn are made aware of events and items delivered by drivers. These exchanges happen in real time and the information is automatically integrated into Akanea TMS.

Drivers can also have recipients sign directly on the screen of the smartphone, which is connected via the Akanea TMS mobile application. Not to be confused with electronic signatures, this feature allows fingertip signature instead of using a pen to sign the delivery receipt, thereby avoiding having to manage paper documents. No longer any need to stop by the branch to retrieve a pre-printed slip, no longer any need to fill out a counterfoil booklet in the vehicle, etc. The driver presents his smartphone to the recipient, who then signs.

Akanea TMS, the connected mobile transport application that extends operations to driving staff!

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Akanea TMS Mobility: take advantage of your TMS in a mobile, connected way

  • Easily exchange with your drivers: use of conventional smartphones and tablets
  • Accelerate your operations and improve productivity: avoid re-entry, speed up processing
  • Convey a simple and innovative image of your organisation to your customers: on-line work and automatic integration of field data in your TMS
  • Ensure high-quality commercial service through increased responsiveness: ongoing information...
  • Guarantee comprehensive traceability: no more lost or damaged PODs...


Akanea TMS Mobility

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