The functional richness of Akanea WMS logistics software

The Akanea WMS warehouse management software provides comprehensive functional coverage:

Management of storage locations

  • Management of single or multiple reference spans, management of silos and receiving docks, interception, cross-docking, preparation, storage, combination, management of racks, height, width and weight
  • Graphic representation of storage locations
  • Storage management: pallets, storage locations, storage preferences, label printing and picking restocking

Item management

  • Storage operator identification
  • Logistical data
  • Storage preferences and rules
  • Hazardous materials
  • Type of picking
  • Photo associated with the item

Reception management

  • Reception via EDI, through manual input or via radio frequency
  • Reception scheduling with progress report
  • Management of cross-docking with automatic allotment
  • Partial or complete reception
  • Automatic backorder management
  • Automatic assignment on reservation
  • Variable packaging management

Preparation management

  • Scheduling depending on transport plans or carrier data
  • Scheduling depending on consumer sales units
  • Scheduling depending on recipients
  • Generation of transport labels
  • Order reception: manual, via EDI, via e-Entrepôt
  • Outward movement scheduling management
  • Goods reservation
  • Automatic transport assignment
  • Backorder management
  • Scheduling
  • Merging/separation of orders
  • Management through preparation waves
  • Automatic picking procurement
  • Floating picking or preparation platform management
  • Pre-calculation of shipment data

Shipment management

  • Division management with automatic carrier assignment
  • Automatic dock assignment depending on the carrier
  • Mass carrier change
  • Printing of labels in GTF format
  • Radio frequency load inspection
  • Collection slip
  • EDI issuing in Dispor


  • Recurring invoicing: rent, machine rental, staff, administrative costs
  • Service invoicing: filming, re-packaging, unloading, specific labelling, fork lift assembly and dismantling
  • Movement invoicing: management by query
  • Issuing of pre-invoices, invoices, reports, supporting documents

e-Entrepôt module

  • Web interface for communicating with storage operator customers
  • Reception progress viewing
  • Preparation progress viewing
  • Order entry
  • Stock control
  • Serial number monitoring

Automatic or manual EDI

Port interface

Integration with Akanea CUSTOMS EMCS to manage the support of movements of goods subject to excise duties

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