EXPERT AGRIFOOD software, specially designed for the management and invoicing needs of small and very small agrifood companies

A unique and centralised tool, Akanea ERP AGRO St@rt management software expertly meets the specific needs of small companies who trade in food products, whatever the sector: fish, meat, fruit and vegetables, etc.

Simple, economical and available, Akanea ERP AGRO St@rt agrifood software is dedicated to small and very small agrifood companies in hosted mode (Software as a Service).

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Akanea ERP AGRO St@rt: choose software dedicated to small agrifood companies

Benefit from AKANEA concentrated agrifood expertise

  • Simplification of shipments
  • Management of allotment and agrifood traceability
  • Secure invoicing
  • Stock monitoring by load, expiry dates, withdrawals
  • Sale at the best price

Save time and improve the reliability of your agrifood activity

  • Information centralisation
  • Automatic production of compliant, professional agrifood documents
  • Transfer of accounting entries with no re-entry
  • Correct invoicing on time
  • Monitoring of your activity

Benefit from the advantages of an SaaS solution

  • Simple deployment
  • Low usage cost
  • Availability
  • Security and confidentiality


Akanea ERP AGRO St@rt

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