Distribute our Supply-Chain and Agrofood solutions

At AKANEA, we emphasize strong partner relationships because together we are stronger and everyone easily succeeds, our teams and our joint customers. AKANEA members network brings together not only a software solution but also a way to improve and develop every customer company.

Dealer, system integrator, IT services company, consultancy, audit firm or professional federation you may have digital projects for your transport, logistics, customs or agro-food markets customers?

Export distributor contract

Are you a distributor based abroad? (outside mainland France)

Take the advantages of training in AKANEA’s businesses and products. We bring a full distributor package (in addition to our commercial, pre-sale and marketing support…).

Increase your revenues thanks to AKANEA’s services that generate attractive margins.

Business provider

Become a business provider!

You are entirely relying on the commercial and technical support of AKANEA business professionals and enjoying compensation that is proportional to your involvement in sales. We ensure that our business providers are not just specialists in solution delivery to customers, but also experts in bringing the right AKANEA message.