a secure and certified solution to simplify your customs procedures

A complete offer to carry out your customs declarations!

Akanea CUSTOMS, a software designed by experts in your business, is the solution certified by the French Customs Authorities since 2004, which simplifies the management and dematerialisation of your customs clearance procedures.

It benefits from considerable expertise, with more than 1600 users on a daily basis. Whether you are a freight forwarder, transport operator, importer, exporter, producer, manufacturer, trader or logistics specialist, Akanea CUSTOMS enables you to safely manage your customs declarations and Administrative Accompanying Documents for goods subject to excise duties.

Innovative and economical, our solution is a connected service that helps you optimise all your electronic exchanges with customs authorities, in perfect compliance with the customs regulation.

Choosing Akanea CUSTOMS means choosing a reliable, user friendly and highly available solution

  • Easy-to-use, easy-to-install, and an easy contact with French Customs Authorities
  • 100% private cloud, your data is hosted by servers in France
  • No hardware or software investment is required, your Akanea CUSTOMS budget is determined by your declaration volume
  • Quick to install and start using on several workstations or sites, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week
  • Management of the backup procedure
  • Our AEO**-compatible solution guarantees the total traceability of your declarations and the complete security of your paperless exchanges with the Authorities (Pasteur-Mareva EDI link)
  • Collaborative solution: real-time information shared between brokers, shippers and recipients
  • Automatic creation of your declaration through your delivery slips and invoices avoid re-entry and guarantees speed and efficiency
  • Reduce errors data consistency control realise by the software
  • Monitor the status of your procedures and the validation of your declarations in real time
  • Anticipate emergency procedures with DeltaMètre (real-time flow monitoring and obtention of the electronic administrative documents during emergency procedure)
  • Interface with port and airport platforms
  • Communication with your management software (ERP, WMS, sales management…)
  • Connected with the Akanea TMS Freight Forwarding, Akanea WMS and Akanea TMS software

A single product, a single installation and flexible options to suit your requirements

Akanea CUSTOMS is certified buy the French Customs Authorities since 2004 and enables you to simplify your electronic customs clearance produres.


Akanea CUSTOMS is by your side for Brexit’s procedures

Brexit is coming… and with it, the re-establishment of borders between United Kingdom and European Union. In consequence, importers/exporters and carriers will have to make additional and mandatory customs documents that will be linked to goods, such as the Import Control System (ICS) declaration.

With Brexit on 1st January 2021, this procedure will be mandatory to all carriers especially road carriers which transporting goods from UK to EU.


Akanea CUSTOMS DELTA is a secure web solution for customs agents, international freight forwarders and customs brockers that enables you to dematerialise your customs declarations: NCTS, DELTA C, D, G, T, X, customs procedures with economic impact, ECS, ICS.


Aimed at professionals managing excised goods, whether they be producers, wine producers, traders, freight forwarders, transport operators, logistics specialists or manufacturers, Akanea CUSTOMS EMCS automates the production and dematerialisation of your Administrative Accompanying documents (EMCS).

Designed by business experts, Akanea CUSTOMS EMCS enables you to simplify the regulatory management of movements of excised goods: alcohol, alcoholic beverages, manufactured tobacco and energy products…


Akanea CUSTOMS Classification integrates French and international regulations that are updated daily: list of sections, chapters and subchapters, classifications tree structure, referrals, measures, links to regulatory texts.