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Agrifood management and traceability software

Agrifood software – AKANEA, a software and IT solutions provider for commercial management and traceability in the agrifood sector.

Akanea agrifood software, the expert in agrifood management and traceability

AKANEA publishes expert agrifood IT software. AKANEA meets the specific commercial management needs of small, medium and large businesses in the various agrifood sectors: fruit and vegetables, meat products, seafood products, manufactured and catering products, dairy products, etc.

  • Increase the reliability of your purchases and sales
  • optimise your stock
  • automate order preparation
  • schedule your production orders
  • assess your production costs and cost prices
  • drive your results and your trade margins
  • monitor loads
  • comply with agrifood traceability requirements
  • accelerate your administrative processing time
  • communicate through touch screens and mobile devices
  • secure your information flows through EDI

In one reliable, configurable and scalable IT tool, AKANEA brings you all the business expertise you need to boost your profitability!



You are an SME or medium to large company and you manage Agrifood trading, agrifood processing and fresh, ultra-fresh and frozen food product storage

Konnect’Agro provides agrifood commercial management that natively integrates load management and traceability requirements, and that can be adapted depending on the particularities of your sector: meat, fish, fruit and vegetables…



You are an agro-food SME or medium to large company and you manage fruit and vegetable trading

Konnect’Agro is fruit and vegetable software that meets the specific commercial management and agrifood traceability needs of marketing professionals: shippers, cooperatives, sales offices, processing stations, importers…


Fruit and vegetable software for agrifood management and traceability

Konnect’Agro is fruit and vegetable software that can be adapted depending on the requirements of your business, whatever the size of your company : Producers, Shippers, Cooperatives, SICA (Common Interest Agricultural Companies), Sales offices, Processing stations, Importers…

Reliable, high-performance, configurable agrifood management software, Konnect’Agro is designed for Fruit and Vegetable traders, to optimise, automate and increase the profitability of their activity in an increasingly competitive and regulated environment.


Agrifood software to manage trading, processing and storage

Seafood products – Meat products – Fruit and vegetables – Manufactured and catering products – Dairy products…

Reliable, intuitive and scalable agrifood management software, Akanea ERP AGRO provides commercial management dedicated to both SMEs and large companies in the Agrifood industry. The Akanea ERP AGRO agrifood ERP natively integrates load management and agrifood traceability requirements and can be adapted depending on the specificities of your sector: