Akanea WMS:
The expert software that optimizes warehouse flows for logistics professionnals

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For Logistics service providers, carriers, forwarders, distributors, traders, e-Merchant, manufacturers…

Akanea WMS (Warehouse Management System) is a software package designated and deployed by our warehouse management experts.
It is a proven solution used by logistics’ professionals for over 30 years.

Every day, we work with over a hundred companies, helping them to meet the challenges faced by logistics specialists: meeting deadlines, optimisation of flows and stocks, reconciliation of physical flows and information flows, cross-channel and multi-channel, rise of e-commerce…
These businesses use Akanea WMS to manage over 500,000 m2 of storage area and more than a million indents lines every month.

Choose Akanea WMS,
for a fully proven, agile and collaborative software solution.

A flexible, multi-function WMS

Whether you are a logistics, transport, trading or distribution professional or a manufacturer managing your own warehouses, Akanea WMS is an easy-to-use program compatible with other IT systems.

Its flexibility provides you with support throughout your development: new markets, new tenders, increased storage areas, different types of merchandise, greater use of delayed differentiation operations (kitting, co-packing…).

When in conventional entry mode and/or mobile mode (radio frequency terminal), it can address all levels of the company: management, operations, trade…


Added value modules
boosting your competitive edge

Akanea e-Warehousing

Develop customer loyalty and offer them visibility and productivity with a 100% web application: direct storage operator input of preparation requests, real-time stock level visibility, receptions and current and future orders

Alcohol regulations management

A dedicated module giving easier management and compliant with regulations: management of governed codes, output in the form of electronic administrative documents or simplified accompanying documents, extraction of the elements required for stock accounting and drafting alcohol declaration, calculation of liquidations, publication of accompanying documents and native interface with Akanea CUSTOMS EMCS

Akanea EDI

A highly available platform, natively integrated with Akanea WMS to boost your business relationships, improve your productivity and increase your traceability. EDI communications can be managed manually by the operator or in 100% automatic mode. Akanea EDI communicates with all the market ERPs* and manages all the WMS standard flows

Akanea WMS RF Mobility

All Akanea WMS processes can be accessed via a Radio Frequency terminal, thus improving stock status reliability, speeding up your preparations and ensuring your traceability

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