The AKANEA Cloud
SaaS with total peace of mind

Cloud ?

New information technologies enable business processes and all company operations to be integrated. Today, mobile or fixed workstations are locally connected to the company but are also open to the outside, in particular to the professional ecosystem through the internet. Internet and web technologies are becoming standards for the implementation of professional ISs.

Because each professional has his own strategic intentions, his own perspectives and his own constraints, AKANEA has chosen to provide its software applications both on-site and in the Cloud.

Today, Cloud Computing and SaaS (Software as a Service) technologies enable all data to be reported in real time, so as to adjust and coordinate information flows with the corresponding physical flows for better company productivity and improved end-user satisfaction. This technology paves the way for computerisation in all sizes of company and adapts to professional work environments (offices, branches, vehicles, docks…) and new media (touch pads, smartphones…).

The AKANEA Private Cloud

AKANEA has been providing Cloud Computing solutions for over 10 years: platform and shared, hosted infrastructures, « online » software and associated services, and so on. The AKANEA Private Cloud relies on a Data Centre that deploys the technologies and expertise required for optimal operation with total peace of mind:

  • infrastructure based in France,
  • equipment redundancy,
  • firewall,
  • automatic switchover system in the event of failure,
  • security, backup,
  • supervision 24 hours a day, 7 days a week…

Akanea SaaS

The flexibility of the internet and the security of a Cloud professional for your professional software

  • Immediate profitability through limited IT hardware investment
  • Maximum security and availability guaranteed by professionals
  • Easy resizing during periods of growth or negative growth
  • Continuous updates