Akanea TMS
Day-to-day expert software for the management of haulage professionnals

Akanea TMS: Day-to-day management of transport companies, from small to large companies

Akanea TMS (Transport Management System) is a software package designed and deployed by our road haulage experts.

It is a proven solution used by transport professionals for over 30 years.

Every day, we work with more than 700 companies and over 12,000 users who rely on Akanea TMS.

These businesses ship and trace almost one million delivery units every day with Akanea TMS.

For a fully proven, agile and collaborative software solution.

A flexible, multi-function transport ERP 

Whatever your area(s) of business or speciality, Akanea TMS has the solution you need to manage, operate and steer all your activities. Akanea TMS has the flexibility to provide support throughout your development: new markets, diversification, specialisation, e-commerce…

With its rich functional content and modular design, it is able to adapt to a full range of user profiles within the company: general and financial management, management control, IT systems department, sales, invoicing and recovery department, quality methods, operations, dock personnel, drivers…


ERP at the heart of your ecosystem 

Akanea TMS slots into your business ecosystem. It implements unique information storage to optimise communication between all the players in your environment.

Akanea TMS lets you build value into your ecosystem in order to set your company apart and maximise added value for your customers.

Connected services boosting your competitive edge 

Akanea TMS Mobility

  • Mobile app permanently synchronised with Akanea TMS, compatible with Android and iOS for real-time operation.
  • Manage commercial data for chartered or owned resources: display and acknowledge task completion, information feedback, proof of delivery, photo of the POD or a finger signature directly on the mobile screen

Akanea EDI

  • With more than 4,500 partners, shippers and consignors, the Akanea EDI platform has high availability and is natively integrated with Akanea TMS
  • It boosts your sales relations, improves your productivity and increases your traceability: incoming and outgoing EDI, XML, INOVERT standards® and EDIFACT®

Akanea Web Track & Trace

  • Extend your range of services and build the loyalty of your shipping customers through an online solution that lets you enter transport orders, label freight in compliance with your transport plan, extend traceability from consignor to consignee and obtain proof of delivery