AKANEA ERP Agro agrifood software to manage trading, processing and storage

Reliable, intuitive and scalable agrifood management software, Akanea ERP AGRO provides commercial management dedicated to both SMEs and large companies in the Agrifood industry. The Akanea ERP AGRO agrifood ERP natively integrates load management and agrifood traceability requirements and can be adapted depending on the specificities of your sector:

Seafood products // Meat products // Fruit and vegetables // Manufactured and catering products // Dairy products, etc.

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Akanea ERP AGRO: opt for an efficient, reliable and secure agrifood software package

Optimise your agrifood production management

  • Automation of sales and purchases (orders, preparation slips, delivery slips, invoice issuing and checking)
  • Securing of supplies (arrival scheduling, availability anticipation, load traceability)
  • Generation of production orders and monitoring of product processing and packaging stages
  • Assessment of production costs and cost prices
  • Increased reliability of each order preparation stage (automatic cross-checks between loads, orders, specifications)

Control your agrifood environment

  • Automatic allotment’s following and agrifood traceability rules
  • Interface with production equipment (weighing, labelling, processing, calibration)
  • Communication through touch screens and mobile solutions

Drive your activity in real time

  • Securing of information flows with suppliers and customers (EDI, workflow)
  • Advanced statistical functions (cost monitoring and margin calculation)




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Akanea ERP AGRO Mobilité

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Akanea ERP AGRO Mobilité,
MOBILE order entry application

With Akanea ERP AGRO Mobilité, field sales forces have a nomadic IT order entry solution, thereby maximising their responsiveness and their customer proximity. Akanea ERP AGRO Mobilité is also a tool used to monitor a company’s day-to-day activity and a decision-making control tool, ...Find out more.

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