AKANEA FRULOG fruit and vegetable software for agrifood management and traceability

Reliable, high-performance, configurable agrifood management software, Akanea FRULOG is designed for Fruit and Vegetable traders, to optimise, automate and increase the profitability of their activity in an increasingly competitive and regulated environment.

Akanea FRULOG is fruit and vegetable software that can be adapted depending on the requirements of your business, whatever the size of your company:

Producers // Shippers // Cooperatives // SICA (Common Interest Agricultural Companies) // Sales offices // Processing stations // Importers

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Akanea FRULOG: choose efficient, reliable and secure fruit and vegetable software

Efficiently manage your fruit and vegetable processing station operations

  • Optimisation of inflows, order preparation (picking, SSCC labelling) and shipments (anticipation of delivery routes and transport costs)
  • Communication with production equipment, easier entry on touch screens and mobile devices, management through barcodes
  • Optimisation of goods stock (raw, pre-calibrated, packaged) and packaging stock
  • Management of supplier/provider relationships (sorting, provider remuneration, etc.)

Accelerate your sales and control your profitability

  • Increased reliability of sales and purchases (orders, preparation slips, delivery slips, invoice issuing and checking)
  • Automation of load monitoring and compliance with agrifood traceability requirements
  • Assessment of production costs and cost prices

Drive your agrifood activity in real time

  • Advanced statistical functions
  • Reduction in administrative processing time
  • Information flows secured through EDI



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