Customs software to manage specific customs procedures

Akanea CUSTOMS now enables you to manage your stock, in your Delta C and Delta D declarations, using specific customs procedures (bonded warehouses, temporary admission, improvements, warehouses and temporary customs clearance areas/temporary exportation areas).

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With Akanea CUSTOMS, easily manage your stock using the specific customs procedures management module

Control your costs and your stock

  • Inward and outward stock movement management
  • Visibility over stock movements and status in real time, by stock type or by item
  • Monitoring of issued declarations and authorisations
  • Possibility of stock takeback
  • Stock materials accounting and accounting entry status

Improve responsiveness

  • Automated entry of your declarations
  • Automatic calculation of securities, suspended taxes and compensatory interest
  • Item management
  • Possibility of stock takeback
  • Entry of invoice details by item reference number, load number and serial number
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