Customs DELTA declaration dematerialisation software

Akanea CUSTOMS Delta is a secure connected solution which covers all the French procedures : NCTS, Delta C, D, G, T, X declarations, customs procedures with economic impact, ECS, ICS. The solution is dedicated to customs agents, international transport agents and customs brokers within a company.

Customs declarations are entered, checked and then sent to the customs data centre of the Directorate-General for Customs and Indirect Taxation (DGDDI). All exchanges are tracked and date-stamped, in order to ensure secure customs clearance through a solution certified by the French Customs Authorities.

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Akanea CUSTOMS Delta: opt for software certified by the Customs Authorities

  • Take advantage of an easy-to-use, easy-to-install solution, which is directly linked to the Customs Authorities.
  • With a 100% private cloud, all your data is hosted on servers in France.
  • Akanea CUSTOMS DELTA requires no hardware investment. You can deploy the solution on several workstations or sites and use it 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, even if Customs Authorities are unavailable, through a backup procedure.
  • Interface with port and airport platforms (Cargo Community System).
  • A solution that can interface with your operations software (ERP, WMS, commercial management).
  • Connected with the Akanea TMS Freight Forwarding, Akanea WMS and Akanea TMS software.
  • Functional and technical monitoring by business experts for over 25 years.
  • Telephone support in France from business experts, maximum availability and increased responsiveness.

Securely simplify your exchanges

  • Management of all legal customs clearance restrictions: NCTS, Delta G (D, G) declarations, ECS, customs procedures with economic impact, ICS.
  • Our solution is AEO-compatible and guarantees the total traceability of your declarations and the complete security of your EDI exchanges with the authorities (Pasteur-Mareva link: guarantee of a response from the Customs Authorities in just a few seconds).
  • Through automatic updates, declarations fully comply with the customs regulations in force.

Be more productive

  • Personalised email automatically sent internally but also to your customers.
  • Printing of all DAU, EUR1, ATR, Eur-MED, DV1 documents, etc., and backup procedure documents.
  • Invoicing is calculated based on the number of declarations made.
  • Automatic calculation of customs values, RITA simulation.
  • Improve responsiveness through the integrated workflow that keeps you informed of incoming and outgoing flows.
  • Automatic generation of your declaration through your B/Ls and invoices guarantees you speed and efficiency.
  • Reduce errors through the entry and consistency check assistance provided by Akanea CUSTOMS.
  • Monitor the status of your procedures and the validation of your declarations in real time.
  • Increase security through DeltaMètre (our flow monitoring system is used by the Customs IT Centre).

Through the module used to manage specific customs procedures, Akanea CUSTOMS also enables you to manage your stock, in your Delta declarations.




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