EDI integrated into your logistics and transport software with Akanea EDI

Through its Akanea EDI service, Akanea is your sole point of contact for the industrialisation of your Electronic Data Interchange.

EDI is a powerful tool for facilitating exchanges between the various players in the economic, logistical and administrative chain, through the use of a common language based on international standards (EDIFACT, INOVERT, etc.). Beyond the simple exchange of data, its implementation requires the integration of processes between the various players, whether they are logistics specialists, carriers, producers, traders, supermarkets and hypermarkets, customs, etc., in order to automate and optimise communication and its integration into your IT system. AKANEA publishes your transport, logistics, customs or agro-food management software and also manages, translates, processes and hosts your EDI exchanges. You benefit from a single point of contact for your management software and your EDI.

Akanea EDI is a service mode communication software platform that enables management of all volumes of incoming or outgoing EDI flows. Available 24 hours a day and 7 days a week, Akanea EDI facilitates your management and improves your productivity.

AKANEA is an active member of the GTF (Group of Terrestrial Freight Forwarders).

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Phone number +33 (0)9 72 72 23 62

Akanea EDI software: a point of contact and an EDI platform dedicated to your business

  • Take advantage of an EDI that complies with market standards: EDIFACT, INOVERT 4.0, etc.
  • Safely exchange your messages: ORDERS, DESADV, INVOICE, DELTA, EMCS, etc.
  • Benefit from the expertise of a partner who has been present in the EDI market for over 25 years, who is PASTEUR/MAREVA-certified and who is interfaced with the Customs IT Centre
  • Optimise the integration of your EDI exchanges within your comprehensive management IT system
  • Develop the loyalty of your customers and set out to conquer new markets (specifications for supermarkets and hypermarkets, shippers, manufacturers, etc.)


2 500 000
transport events processed

every day

> 1,7
declarations per year

20 000 000
transport orders

exchanged in EDI

each year

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