Transport software specially designed for small international freight transport forwarding companies

Transport software specially designed to meet the needs and constraints of small and very small companies, very small mono-modal international freight transport companies, freight forwarders and sea, air and road transport charterers.

Akanea TMS Freight Forwarding Start is a turnkey management solution that helps you improve the reliability of your activity and save time. The software automates repetitive tasks and provides day-to-day support in the management of operations (Import-export or transit/grouping files), invoicing and the purchase of your international transport operations and services, meeting your need for responsiveness and reliability. Akanea TMS Freight Forwarding Start enables you to manage and produce all the documents related to your activity: AWB (e-Freight), B/L, CMR (Carriage of Goods by Road Convention), proforma invoices and invoices, and makes a customer extranet, e-Tracking, available to all operators for real time monitoring of the various events linked to transport files.

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Choose Akanea TMS Freight Forwarding Start: for a reliable and safe pre-packaged international transport software

  • Save money thanks to a quick installation and rapid start-up of the solution. Easy-to-use, pre-configured offer
  • Drive your activity in real time: automation, delivered business documents (AWB, Bill of Lading, CMR, etc.)
  • Improve your competitiveness while ensuring your customer service's quality: incident management (AEO), simplified and secure invoicing and taxation, etc.
  • Control your costs: estimation of your sales and outlays, profitability display, real time margin monitoring, purchase optimisation, etc.
  • Communicate efficiently with Akanea CUSTOMS (DELTA, NCTS, etc.) and with your accounting and financial management software
  • Export your data to constitute your own dashboards


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