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Akanea TMS, flexible, multi-function transport ERP,
from small to large companies

Akanea TMS transport software with EDI for road haulier management and operations

Comprehensive and communication-capable, Akanea TMS transport software meets the management, invoicing, operations and control needs of road hauliers: management of loads, partial loads, load grouping, chartering, parcel delivery, express delivery and rapid delivery.

Akanea TMS is closely connected to the Supply Chain Management ecosystem (EDI, freight exchanges, Mobility, On-board Computers, EDM, accounting, Track & Trace, etc.) and provides advanced dashboard functionalities to monitor the profitability of your road transport business.

Akanea TMS provides new generation XPlan graphic scheduling, combining richness of information and readability for the operator. A veritable decision-making assistance tool at the heart of the TMS, XPlan provides several schedule models developed and specially designed for each type of business.

Adaptable depending on the size and requirements of your business, from very small and small companies to large organisations, Akanea TMS is available in both "on-premises" mode and SaaS (Cloud Computing) mode.

The Mobility, Track and Trace Web Portal and Chartering Web Portal functions enable you to streamline, automate and extend your information system to the field (drivers) and to principals (carriers or shippers).

Today, transport professionals are at the heart of numerous constraints related to eco-compliance. Akanea TMS enables you to comply with the new CO2 display requirement.

Akanea TMS users now operate in many road transport specialities: controlled temperature, refrigerated, containers, ADR, tanks, trays, bulk, tippers, etc.

AKANEA, the transport IT expert.


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500 000
parcels dispatched and tracked 
per day
> 900
10 000
transport orders 
entered by principals per day 
on our Track and Trace Portals
2 500 000
transport events 
processed by EDI
12 500
final users
20 millions
transport orders 
exchanged every year 
through EDI
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