TMS software for road haulage professionals

Comprehensive, integrated and communication-capable transport software, Akanea TMS is designed for road haulage professionals, to optimise, automate and increase the profitability of their activity.

Much more than just transport operations software, Akanea TMS becomes the Control Tower for your activity and can be adapted depending on the requirements of your business. It brings you profitability and management indicators, and fits into your working environment: EDI, freight exchanges, on-board computers, mobility, control, accounting integration, scheduling, graphic scheduling.

Akanea TMS meets all carrier needs: complete or partial loads, grouping, chartering, parcel delivery, express delivery, rapid delivery and rental of vehicles with drivers, and can be adapted depending on these businesses. The Chartering Web Portal and Track and Trace Web Portal functions enable you to streamline, automate and secure your communication in order to have a comprehensive information system for all those involved in your logistics chain: customers, shippers, charter companies, etc.

The software is available in both "on-premises" mode and SaaS (Cloud Computing) mode, in order to perfectly meet the requirements of each carrier.

Akanea TMS users now operate in many road transport specialities: temperature controlled, refrigerated, containers, ADR tanks, trays, bulk, tippers, port towing, etc.

AKANEA, the transport IT expert.

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Akanea TMS: choose comprehensive transport software dedicated to your activity

  • Take advantage of a transport software package that adapts to your operating mode (customisation, modelling, etc.)
  • Drive your operations (automation, EDI integration, easier scheduling, associated business documents, etc.)
  • Control your costs (profitability display, decision-making assistance, etc.)
  • Communicate efficiently (communication with drivers’ mobility tools, on-board computer interface, freight exchange interface, EDI, etc.)
  • Guarantee quality and customer service (event management, packaging traceability, etc.)
  • Monitor and anticipate (statistics, dashboards, analyses, etc.)
  • Integrate new regulations (CO2 display, etc.)


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