Day-to-day management and communication transport software dedicated to chartering

Akanea Chartering Web Portal is standalone web software used by charter company carriers, for simplified and automated communication with their carrier customers who are equipped with TMS software. Suitable for both load deliveries and parcel and express delivery, Akanea Chartering Web Portal software improves and streamlines relationships between charterers and charter companies. It operates in SaaS (Software as a Service), mode, in other words in web mode, thereby guaranteeing rapid deployment and easy and secure use, with no particular hardware investment for the charter company.

The charterer carrier saves time on administrative tasks, benefits from instant information feedback and improves quality of service.

The subcontractor charter company benefits from a simple solution, specially designed for his business, in direct EDI contact with his customer’s TMS for faster operations and invoicing.

The Mobility function associated with Akanea Chartering Web Portal accelerates, streamlines and secures field data, such as events and abnormalities, proof of delivery (POD), and so on, for both the carrier and for his charterer colleague.

Much more than just transport management software for chartering, Akanea Chartering Web Portal extends the transport management and operations tool between the principal and his subcontractor.

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Akanea Chartering Web Portal: extend your transport IT between charterers and charter companies

You are a charterer carrier

  • Save time on your administrative tasks by entrusting operational management to your charter company
  • Benefit from immediate operational information feedback for improved quality of service
  • Anticipate customer requests, create a distribution network

You are a subcontractor charter company

  • Benefit from an application that is easy to learn and use
  • Optimise your processes for faster operations and invoicing
  • Streamline your information flows through Mobility


Akanea Chartering Web Portal

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