Akanea TMS Xplan: new generation of operations scheduling

The Xplan graphic scheduling integrated into Akanea TMS software is the latest generation of scheduling provided to road hauliers at the heart of their management software.

Akanea TMS is a decision-making assistance tool designed for all transport operators and all businesses. The Xplan module provides several graphic schedule models, developed and specially designed for each type of road freight transport business: partial load, grouping, bulk, tipper, tanker, container, etc.

Intuitive and ergonomic, Xplan provides rich information which remains readable and operational for the user: visibility over resources and missions, quantitative indicators, gauges and alerts, direct links to dashboards, real time map views, real time display of information provided by on-board computers or mobility functions, simplified scheduling and un-scheduling functions, with single or multiple selection, simply by dragging and dropping...

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Akanea Xplan: the Operator’s Control Tower

  • Use a graphic schedule that fits your type of business
  • Access rich, readable information in real time
  • Centralise data on your entire operation: own resources and external resources
  • View monitoring and profitability indicators directly on your schedule
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