Track and Trace Web Portal software: shipment management and traceability for shippers

Shipper software available via the internet, Akanea TMS Track and Trace Web Portal is an autonomous track and trace extranet solution, providing value-added communication and monitoring services to carriers’ customers, while optimising transport operations. This carrier software improves reliability and develops loyalty in carrier/principal relationships.

Designed for parcel, express and load deliverers, this track and trace web portal enables your shipper customers to directly enter the transport positions or orders they wish to assign to you, print the directional labels to affix to their freight and monitor the various delivery statuses. Akanea TMS Track and Trace Web Portal can be deployed with several principals, for all volumes, from occasional shipper customers to major users.

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Akanea TMS Track and Trace Web Portal: choose an autonomous and flexible track and trace web portal

  • Benefit from a widely available, autonomous transport track and trace web portal, for all shipment volumes
  • Accelerate your operations and optimise your communication
  • Provide your customers with a simplified and modular track and trace extranet interface
  • Provide and ensure extended traceability
  • Help your customers benefit from the latest technologies


Akanea Track & Trace Web Portal

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