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Akanea WMS, optimizing warehouse flows
at the heart of your Supply Chain

WMS software at the heart of your Supply Chain efficiency

WMS software for the management of storage flows, Akanea WMS is designed for logistics professionals: logistics service providers, road hauliers, international freight forwarders, traders and manufacturers who manage their own storage warehouses.

Recent and current developments in the business of the logistics specialist involve the implementation of new flows and services: e-commerce with the requirement of satisfying the cyber client, just-in-time, new distribution formats, extended communication, reference proliferation, etc. An efficient WMS must meet these new requirements through advanced functionalities ever closer to the user's needs: kitting, co-packing, postponed differentiation, cross-docking, incoming and outgoing EDI, customer extranet, e-entrepot, storage as close to picking as possible, anticipation of stock outs, returns management, advanced preparation through radio frequency, hazardous material management, alcohol management, process automation, port interfaces, etc.

Akanea WMS drives warehouses, flows and incoming and outgoing communication, to meet the needs of the smallest and largest logistics specialists alike. The WMS provided by Akanea is used to manage the storage of a wide variety of types of storage and goods, from the management of single or multiple reference spans to the management of docks, apiaries, racks or pallet racks and even mass storage management, etc.

Akanea WMS efficiently completes the Supply Chain/Global Logistics offer provided by Akanea: management of road, air, sea or multi-modal transport, management of customs declarations for import/export and management of accompanying documents for the movement of goods subject to excise duties.


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