WMS software with EDI for managing warehouses and logistics flows

Comprehensive, integrated and communication-capable logistics software, Akanea WMS is designed for logistics Supply Chain Management professionals, who operate on their own behalf or on behalf of third parties: logistics service providers, carriers, freight forwarders, manufacturers, traders and so on, who want to efficiently manage their warehouses and associated logistics flows.

Much more than just stock management software, Akanea WMS can be adapted depending on the demands of your business, from small companies to large companies, in an increasingly competitive and regulated environment.

Akanea WMS is a multi-depositor, multi-product and multi-storage WMS software solution that naturally fits in with your constraints and work environment: EDI, radio frequency, picking management, preparation, e-commerce orders, inventories, kitting, pre-packing, cross-docking, load number management, use by and best before date management, dock management, alcohol management, accounting integration, port interface, etc.

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Akanea WMS: choose advanced warehouse logistics management software

  • Take advantage of a software package that adapts to your operating mode (customisation, modelling, etc.)
  • Drive your warehouses: bar code flashing in radio frequency mode, management of storage operations as close to picking as possible, anticipation of stock-outs, inventories, etc.
  • Optimise your logistics flows and movements: process automation, itinerary reduction, entry reduction, etc.
  • Communicate efficiently: extranet management service for your principals, incoming and outgoing EDI port interface
  • Guarantee quality and customer service: reduction in returns and litigation, kitting, pre-packing, cross-docking, e-entrepot and e-commerce for your customers
  • Guarantee total logistics traceability: load numbers, serial numbers, use by and best before dates


Akanea WMS

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