WMS software for warehouse management professionals

Akanea WMS is designed for logistics professionals who manage storage areas. These professionals manage a logistics operation on their own behalf (manufacturers, traders, distributors), or on behalf of third-parties (logistics service providers, carriers, freight forwarders, etc.). While the day-to-day problems remain different, the challenges of the logistics specialist are more or less the same: compliance with deadlines, responsiveness depending on the volumes to be managed, staff management and finally productivity and the optimisation of flows and stocks. Recent changes in the world of logistics add to these numerous challenges: explosion of e-commerce, drive, reconciliation of physical flows and information flows, etc.

Through its flexibility and its collaborative approach, Akanea WMS can meet the challenges of major logistics families operating in the Supply Chain.


A WMS for logistics service providers

A reliable, collaborative and scalable warehouse management solution constitutes a real competitive business advantage for a logistics service provider.
Multi-customer and multi-warehouse, Akanea WMS manages a wide range of products in all types of storage, and is extremely flexible in its configuration: pallet racking storage, mass storage, packages, picking area configuration, etc.
The logistics service provision invoicing functionalities enable accurate and fast invoicing: incoming pallets, outgoing pallets, stored pallets, taking into account multiple criteria... Documents for the storage operator customer are numerous and precise: date by date, product by product... The e-Entrepôt function makes the application accessible to these customers via a web interface, enabling them to securely consult stock and enter orders.
We bring our customers our know-how to support them in the implementation of logistics projects with their storage operator customers. In this way, we help them enrich the services offered and optimise their customer portfolio.


A WMS for trading and distribution professionals

Consumption uses, the immediacy of information, the requirements of the end consumer and of course e-commerce and the internet have led to profound changes in the trading and distribution businesses. Permanently connected to transport issues, Akanea WMS drives the logistics platforms at the heart of incoming and outgoing flows, in order to satisfy a wide range of different customers. The software meets stock optimisation, automation, itinerary management, report production and analysis objectives related to trader activity. Akanea WMS is also particularly suited to e-commerce issues, with order massification, rotating stock functions, stock updates in real time, etc.


A WMS for manufacturers

For a manufacturer, precise and efficient logistics management can make all the difference with regard to its competitors. Akanea WMS provides reception scheduling and advanced management of cross-docking, logistics flows, shipments and the associated transport operation. Extremely flexible in its warehouse configuration, it can manage big and small volumes alike. The EDI function is perfectly controlled for smooth communication, both upstream and downstream. An advanced alarm management function enables the automatic dissemination of information based on trigger parameters: security thresholds, etc.



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