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Professionals in the fields of TRANSPORT, LOGISTICS, CUSTOMS and AGRIFOOD, choose the EXPERT MANAGEMENT SOFTWARE for your business

transport software

transport software


  • Load/Partial load

  • Grouping

  • Chartering

  • Parcel delivery

  • Express delivery/Rapid delivery

  • Vehicle rental

international freight-forwarding transport software

international freight-forwarding transport software


  • Freight forwarder

  • Consolidator


  • Road/Air/Sea

  • Multi-modal

customs software

customs software


  • Freight forwarder

  • Importer

  • Exporter

  • Manufacturer

  • Professionals handling goods subject to excise duties

logistics software

logistics software


  • Logistics service provider

  • Storage operator carrier

  • Manufacturer

  • Wholesaler

  • Trader

agro-food software

agro-food software


  • Trading

  • Processing

  • Cooperatives

  • Processing stations

  • Sales offices

  • Importers



    AKANEA, business software company at the heart of two activity sectors:
    Supply-Chain and Agrifood industry.

    For more than 25 years, our goal has been to accelerate your growth!

    Our business is publishing software, and to us, this means permanently listening to and understanding the expectations of the markets we address. Our customers are professionals in road freight transport, international transport, logistics, customs and agrifood.

    We design solutions for all professionals, from very small companies to major international groups, from single-user solutions to comprehensive ERP. Our software fits into our customers’ work ecosystem: docks, shippers, customers, suppliers, operators, management control, accounting, warehouses, etc.

    Akanea TMS is the software for road freight transport professionals’ transport scheduling and operations: loads, partial loads, load grouping, chartering, parcel delivery, express delivery, rapid delivery, etc. This TMS becomes your operation’s control tower, enabling you to precisely and reliably drive your activity, in order to become your Transport ERP.

    Akanea TMS Freight Forwarding software is dedicated to international transport logistics, road, sea, air or multi-modal modes. For the management of international freight transit and import-export operations.

    Akanea WMS is logistics management software for warehouse operations, designed for logistics service providers, carriers, manufacturers, shippers, etc. This WMS is the logistics software package for all your stock movement, preparation, picking, cross-docking and service invoicing operations and for communication with your storage operator customers.

    Akanea Customs is the secure and certified solution for a direct link with the Customs Authorities for your Delta, ECS, NCTS and Gamma procedures. Akanea's software also manage specific customs procedures, such as bonded warehouses involving stock materials accounting issues.

    Akanea ERP Agro is software dedicated to agrifood commercial management, traceability and logistics. This ERP meets the needs of the various agrifood sectors, such as fruit and vegetables, meat and fish, dairy products, manufactured products, etc.

    Akanea software is there to serve your productivity and your profitability. We bring our customers the added value of associated services adapted to the businesses handled: project management, support, training, Data Centre, EDI, etc.


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